about us

Bronze Iron Art Studio is all metal specialist and foundry company operating out of workshop studio in County Meath. Our services cover the entire island of Ireland.

The business is operated by  Modestas Juskaukas, traditionally trained and highly experienced metal worker, blacksmith and foundry expert who have honed their skills using traditional and now rare metal working skills and techniques. Modestas has over 30 years in restoration, blacksmith works, and foundry works experience.
The restoration of metals mainly involves the protection and preservation of historical (religious, artistic, technical and ethnographic) and archaeological objects made partly or entirely of metal.
We provide quality restoration, conservation and artistic blacksmith works on all metals including:

  brass,bronze manufacturing,
    copper manufacturing,
    wrought iron restoration,
    cast iron restoration and much more.

   Our skilled team also provides:

  Foundry works     Bronze foundry     Brass foundry 
    Conservation & Restoration of all Metal Items
    Ornamental Works
    Artistic Sculpture Making Processes & Services
    The techniques & methods we use include:
    Hand Forged Iron & Metal Works
    Hardware Casting
    Gold, Silver, and Copper electroplating

We are happy to combine they skills into one whole. Blacksmith works joined with bronze manufacturing, brass foundry joined with a restoration of wrought iron give us the opportunity to create the piece of artwork in one workshop.The quality of service and the standard of work that company provides are of genuine importance to us. A strong set of core activities and values are critical to the ongoing success and development of the business.
  The principles we operate off are:
    Bronze manufacturing-we can bring even more pageantry in your office or home.
    Brass Foundry-give to us flexibility for authentic items restoration.
    Authentic Restoration work – we restore old projects using the same authentic materials which breathe life back into the blacksmith work.
    Exceptional customer care – we always focus on delivering the best solutions for our customers as well as thorough consultation and understanding before beginning of a project.
    Pristine quality – great quality is our credo, which means our customers get the best.
    Traditional and modern techniques – we only manufacture our work using the best techniques and methods which distinguish us from other  bronze manufacturing companies.
    Extensive knowledge – our experience over the years allows us to work with different styles as well as invent new ones.
    Imagination – we are proud of our non-ferrous metals casting abilities and we believe that imagination is the only limit to what can be created.